Why Do Students Prefer An Online Tutor?

Online coaching has drastically changed the face of coaching in India and the rest of the world.

Why do students now prefer taking online coaching instead of going to an actual coaching center?

  • Online tutors provide affordable courses.

Many online tutors give out their classes free on YouTube. You can find a free class on almost any topic on YouTube. If you are a student, undoubtedly, you have seen some of these videos to learn something. Even if they sell their courses, most of them are super affordable. Many students come from middle-class families; online tutors help in getting educated.

Coaching centers’ fees are expensive, whereas you can get the same quality coaching online at a lower price.

  • Online tutors’ schedule is flexible.

Students have a busy schedule. They have to manage their school, household chores, and self-study simultaneously. On top of that, their coaching’s timing doesn’t give them any time to rest. Online classes can be attended at your leisure. Online classes are available to watch anytime without worrying about attending the class at a fixed time. You can create and follow your own timetable. Moreover, you can watch the same class on repeat. While in online coaching, once you miss a class, there’s no repeat button.

Online Tutor

  • Online tutors are more qualified than your local teacher

It depends on you, which teacher’s teaching style you like. And I agree that a teacher’s qualification doesn’t justify that he is better at teaching. But a teacher’s qualification sure tells us how much knowledge he has of the subject. Online you can find teachers’ experience and qualifications. In the end, the teacher’s teaching style matters the most.

  • There are so many options

If you want to do coaching face-to-face, there will always be a limited option. There may be a chance that there is a teacher who is not good in every coaching. You would have to compromise with them. In the online world, you get an almost unlimited option. You decide who your teacher will be. If you don’t like studying from one teacher, change your teacher. However, reviewing all teachers starting and then sticking to one teacher for the rest of the year is recommended.

Online coaching is a significant change in the way we learn. An online tutor helps many students who are financially not capable of taking expensive coaching classes. There are drawbacks of online coaching, but for the most part, it helps so many students get educated.