Human beings have always tried to find ways to tell stories and depict their lifestyle and their day-to-day activities. Ancient wall paintings, stone carvings, and objects with illustrations have all been a source of information. Later on, metal plates came into use for drawings.

These drawings were more than just pictures; they were also a source of communicating ideas and visions of the people.

As time passed, cloth began to be used for writing and painting. But, the process of communication through pictures and illustrations did not stop. With time, the paper came into use. Paper came in use to create books and drawings. The invention of the printing press changed the publishing world. A revolution took place. Books were printed instead of handwritten. Then, the drawings and illustrations started getting printed too. flyer printing in Richmond, VA began around the same time. Flyers gained popularity as they were an effective medium to advertise, inform and communicate to large masses. They were single sheets of paper printed with the information that needed sharing. Flyers gained vogue during the civil war and the world wars. Leaders began spreading the notion of patriotism, joining the army, revolutionary movements, worker’s protests, political grapevines, and whatnot. Flyers were used dynamically to change or influence people’s thoughts during crucial times. Flyer printing became an active tool to gain power. Politicians and governments used it to reach the top by gaining people’s support (by hook or crook).

Flyers during the British Civil War

The war period from 1642-1651 experienced a physical as well as a print war. Both sides printed pamphlets that opposed the front party’s views and actions. Many flyer printing was done to keep up the print war.

Flyers’ role in slavery

The 19th century witnessed a shift in human rights awareness. Flyers brought forward the brutality of slavery to the oblivious society. They disclosed the inhumane nature of slavery and commenced the battle for slavery abolishment in the world.

Flyers and women’s rights

By the 20th century, a significant number of women in the UK were literate. Flyers once again became means of awareness. Pamphlets promoting equality of rights and women’s education swarmed society.

Flyer printing was crucial in spreading understanding about women’s rights and suffrage.

Ladder to power

Almost every leader during the 20th century used flyers and pamphlets to induce fear in people’s minds. They propagated terror and dread amongst people by misleading or threatening people.