Everything you want to know about FaceTite

FaceTite is a non-surgical procedure where excess facial fat or aging agents are removed from your face to give you a youthful appearance. It’s a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure and a great alternative to the traditional facelift procedure. This procedure involves a few incisions and uses radiofrequency wave liposuction to remove facial fat. Thus, also known as radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RAFL). With age, your face skin loosens, you have wrinkles want to do something about it, and then¬†facetite¬†is for you. It tightens your skin, removes the fat, makes your skin look smoother, and feels better without getting anxious about surgical procedures.

How does it work?

The method includes inserting a device with electrodes just beneath the skin’s surface, which is considered minimally invasive. The FaceTite method uses this small tool to deliver radiofrequency waves that liquefy fat cells and remove them. It also encourages the body’s natural synthesis of new, healthy collagen fibers for tighter skin.

The collagens are good to make your look more toner and smoother. With age skin, naturally loosen collagen that increases the chances of having wrinkles, age spots, and pores so, the synthesis of new and healthy collagen is like the cherry on top.


Is it safe?

Most of you might be thinking, is it safe after all? We are talking about your face. So to answer your question- YES, it is safe much safer than a facelift. It rarely leaves a scar or may feel a bit of irritation around the area for a few days but, other than that, it is a secure procedure.

Also, this procedure takes only a few hours, and you don’t need to stay at a hospital or clinic overnight. It takes 1-2 days to recover, and then you can go to your work or your daily activities.

What is the cost?

It varies depending upon the target area. But you can expect a few thousand dollars for this procedure.


You should be at your good health before undergoing this procedure. Have stable weights for months before taking the treatment because gaining or losing weight can affect your facetite results, and then you might have to repeat the facetite.

Mention all your medications or any supplements to your provider.

Also, have someone drive you or book a ride to take you to the appointment or pick you after it, as it will be hard to drive with a compressor pack attached to your face.